How To Expect Disappointments

Life is like unpacking your mega suitcase in the hotel shortly after you arrived. You’d forget toothbrush, or adaptors, or even your home key. Instead, you packed the stilleto that you wouldn’t wear anywhere, the books you’ve already finished, and the leftover food from previous airport. You simply left behind the important things, and carried along whatever useless for your trip.
Sometimes, things that have been with you all along that already become a routine for you to be with them are the ones you’d took for granted. Because you know, they’ll always be there suiting you well.

Then you wander off on your own into the darkness you thought you could enlighten on your own with your fancy new stuffs just to find yourself trapped in delusional expectations.
Winners stand alone. Losers stand alone. In the end, nobody is actually with anybody.

on my way to Lala-land where the nuts and the dissapointeds mingles with loneliness.


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