KITA : yang lalu, kini, nanti

hanya renungan sehari-hari yang bisa kita dapatkan saat mandi, merenung di toilet, bengong di keramaian yg ga kita kenal, terbuai angin sepoi-sepoi, dst.

so, I had these twisted things in my mind and my ‘supernatural-law-faculty-

product-mind’ concluded it into these words.

“when your vision about the world is just about your home, your neighborhood, and your small class at school,
you think you can be ANYTHING.
makanya kalo ditanya bu guru,
pede aja kamu ngejawab mau jadi dokter, ato presiden, ato astronot, or even silly princess with puke-inviting pink dress, or other impossible ambitions.

saat kamu mulai menyadari bahwa dunia itu ga cuma segede daun kelor,
that the world is actually have someone with IQ higher than 200 (while yours is only 135),
you narrow your ambition and decide just one logical purpose of life,
you’ve got to be SOMETHING.

then you think you are now mature enough to wander this world on your own strength,
kamu ada pada ego dimana bantuan orangtua adalah tindakan yang meremehkan kemandirian kamu,
but you ended up in just one place, stuck and don’t have any idea of improving.
some people even fails, worse than just stop improving.
at this point, you can only say that you are NOTHING.”

somehow I’ve got the idea that I went to the last point earlier. 😦


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  1. Christina said,

    Februari 21, 2013 pada 9:26 am

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