In these pictures I could be anything I wanna be,
but if you took the time to notice me,
not just a glance then flee,
you might be able to see…

I can’t be what I’m not but still drowning in my wishes,
so give me a reality-buoy if you please..

See it through my starless eyes for heaven sake,
The vacant and stained eyes that sparkling fake,
I wish someone can really help me awake,
from the unreal self figure I make…

And it’s not your fault that no one ever does,
and it’s not your fault if he turns and goes,
and it’s not your fault if they say it’s a narcism overdose,
but maybe these picture are really me, and who knows??!


2 Komentar

  1. wahyumedia said,

    September 11, 2008 pada 4:17 am


  2. katie4zee said,

    September 16, 2008 pada 7:33 am

    wah,komen yg misterius..

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